Thomas Lukes | Photography

About me

Born in Brest in 1999, I have been a freelance reporter-photographer represented by the Hans Lucas agency since September 2022.

After having followed scientific studies, I decided to reorient myself in photography in 2019, thus starting a three-year apprenticeship in the studio of an artisan photographer, in Morbihan.

I had the opportunity to touch a large number of photographic genres during these three years, but if there is one that immediately attracted me more; it is report and documentary photography.

This choice was quickly reinforced after having had the chance to go on a humanitarian mission to Togo with my apprenticeship supervisor twice. It was during these trips and in the reactions that one could have in France; when people saw our photos, that I understood the importance of the profession of reporter.

I then decided to concentrate my photographic work on the production of reports dealing with various subjects within my region, on its culture, its heritage and its news, or even the environmental issues and the changes it must face in the years to come. At the same time, I also want to continue my photographic work in the field of humanitarian aid and its actors, volunteers or beneficiaries.